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Trusting God's Goodness When Life Is Bad

Ephesians 1:11, I Corinthians 13:9

One of my favorite stories is about a lady going on an airplane trip, and she went into the little shop there in the airport, bought herself a magazine and a package of cookies, and she prepared to go on her trip.And she sat down, and had a little bit of time before her plane was going to leave and so she began to read her magazine, and she heard the distinct sound of cellophane next to her, and she looked over and the man sitting next to her, in a little airport, you know, little table next to the chair there, and that man was actually helping himself to one of her cookies.And she thought, ''What nerve, who does he think he is?'' So she reached over and you know took one of the cookies and ate it, and she thought, you know that that would, hopefully he wouldn't eat anymore of her cookies. And she couldn't believe it, she read her article, and she heard the rustling sound again of the cellophane, she looked over and he, he was eating another one of her cookies, and she noticed that there now was only one left, and he kind of nudged it in her direction, the rest of the package. And she thought, ''What is wrong with this man?''And she reached over and took the whole package, ate the cookie and threw the cellophane down, got up, walked on to where her gate was, and as she put her magazine into her purse and was taking her ticket out, she saw her package of cookies, (laughter). All the while she had been eating somebody else's cookies.You know, I wonder in life, how much time we spend about things of great significance and things of little significance? How much time do we spend worrying about somebody maybe eating our cookies, when it really isn't all that important? How do we live our lives, and really become a person who is big in the way God says big. Jesus said to His disciples, ''You want to be great, wonderful, become the servant of all.''

Life is to short, always be good to one another.

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