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Do you exercise? Perhaps you do so "religiously," placing exercise as a high priority in your life. You may have a healthy relationship with exercise, or you might be someone for whom the driving force behind your fitness is actually unhealthy, as in the case of an addiction or a disorder. 


Perhaps you give little thought to fitness, or you intentionally avoid exercise. You may believe that all exercise is vanity and thus a poor use of the limited time you have each day. There are two extremes we can explore in a discussion of whether we're exercising for the right reasons (placing too high of an importance on exercise or none at all) and a whole lot of ground in between. 


Perhaps you're ambivalent, torn between these extremes, or somewhere in the middle, feeling pretty good about your intentions, or maybe you're just beginning to wonder how (or if) faith and fitness intersect. Can there be good or bad, right or wrong reasons to exercise?


Many people want every facet of their lives to glorify God. If this is true for you, it makes sense to look at how your relationship with God affects how you care for your physical body. 

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