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For many people weight loss  is a never-ending battle. There are hundreds of weight loss programs, trends, diet supplements, food plans, shakes, surgeries, etc. out there that don’t seem to work. 


Why? Because most of them are ONE SIZE FITS ALL, and as you know, we are not all ONE SIZE. God created each one of us uniquely and with purpose, we each have a different GENETIC makeup, different values & beliefs and we all come from different backgrounds. The only thing that we do all have in common is God’s love. 


Most of the programs out there don’t take into consideration you as an individual, your emotional needs, the struggle you have endured or the stressors in your life. There is an emotional component that often goes hand and hand in the fight to lose weight. 


Women, more so than men, struggle with their weight, and they usually have more emotional scaring from past negative relationships and negative life experiences. All which may have contributed to low self-esteem and a negative belief in one’s self. 

Far too often, these unwanted negative beliefs of self can create an unhealthy or addictive relationship with food, unhealthy behavioral patterns & poor life choices. 

This can create a constant struggle with negative thoughts about themselves “Am I good enough?” “Am I a good Spouse/Partner?” “Why does everyone seem to find love but me?’’ “Why can’t I lose weight?” “I’m Fat” “I’m not good enough”. These negative thoughts & emotions create a negative belief of self creating unhealthy patterns which can wreak havoc in your body, and can lead to a slower metabolism, while draining your health. 

Negative thoughts like these can be constantly running quietly in the back of your mind all day, every day, causing self-doubt, undo stress anxiety and can even lead to depression.


Dr. Kim will help you eliminate these negative beliefs of self, while getting to the root cause of how they were created. She will help you resolve these suppressed feelings while helping you create a new healthy positive belief of yourself. She will help you rebuild trust in yourself while learning how to trust in God. 


You will learn to -

Love Yourself While Finding Your Love For God

Find Comfort in God’s Love Instead of Food 

Create Healthy Meals & Recipes

Take Back Your Power From Unhealthy Behaviors w/Foods

Create a healthy relationship with foods

Honor Your Temple

Overcome & Eliminate Emotional Stressors and Triggers

How to Eat Healthier

Find Strength in Yourself From God’s Love

Lose Weight & How to Keep it Off

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