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Revitalize Your Weight Loss Journey:

Break free from the never-ending battle with weight loss. Say goodbye to generic programs that don't consider your unique needs. At Faithful Weight Loss, we understand that you are beautifully crafted by God, with distinct genetics, values, and experiences.

We focus on the emotional aspect, addressing past struggles and negative beliefs. Women, in particular, face challenges rooted in emotional scars. Our program empowers you to overcome these barriers, rebuild self-esteem, and establish a healthy relationship with food and life choices.

No more negative self-talk! Let Dr. Kim guide you to eliminate these destructive beliefs, uncovering their roots. Together, we'll foster a positive self-image, unleash your potential, and restore trust in yourself and God.

Your weight loss journey starts here. Embrace the transformation you deserve!


Discover How To:

Love Yourself While Finding Your Love For God

Find Comfort in God’s Love Instead of Food 

Create Healthy Meals & Recipes

Take Back Your Power From Unhealthy Behaviors w/Foods

Create a healthy relationship with foods

Honor Your Temple

Overcome & Eliminate Emotional Stressors and Triggers

How to Eat Healthier

Find Strength in Yourself From God’s Love

Lose Weight & How to Keep it Off

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