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Are You Searching for Your Life's Purpose?

“I’m spiritual but not religious” What does that really mean?  


Being spiritual is when you have elevated yourself from that of a slaved mind to an empowered mind. Being religious means belonging to an established religious order, whether large or small.


If you are reading this you did not find Us by mistake, you were brought to this page by something greater than you. Whether it was God or the Universe that sent you were sent here for a reason and your subconscious already knows why.


Are you frustrated because your friends and coworkers are living passionate, engaged, meaningful lives? They have deep relationships, rewarding successful jobs and a sense of direction that compels them to hop out of bed each morning with a spring in their step. 

And there you are wondering …Why am I here? What’s my life’s purpose? 

Deep down inside you know that God has something good in store for you. You don’t believe he intends for you to live a life of painful drudgery in which each day is a total drag do you? 


Let’s start with the obvious here, if you wake up every day filled with apathy or dread or total boredom, or lack of direction you’re probably not doing what you were meant to do or fulfilling your life’s purpose.


God has created you uniquely, he has really good things planned for you. Yes, you will endure difficult times in your life that will actually turn out to be valuable lessons that will teach you patience, strength and persistence for your journey.

Dr. Kim will help you find your purpose fulfill the emptiness you feel and help guide you on your journey.

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We Offer Support For:

 Marital Problems

Relationship Issues


Low Self-Esteem 

Finding Life's Purpose

Parenting Challenges

Support For Mental Health Conditions

Recovering From Grief & Loss

Strengthening Your Faith &

Improving Your Relationship with God

Emotional Support

What is constant throughout Scripture is that God provides comfort to the suffering and meets the needs of the brokenhearted (Psa. 34:18, Psa. 145:18). Mental Health is the neglected area of our lives that drastically impacts each and every one of us.


Millions of people silently struggle to “tough it out” and just make it through another day, but this neglect towards mental health has dire consequences. According to the CDC, suicide was one of the top 10 leading causes for death in 2017. Mental health conditions also have been linked to severe long-term illness such as stroke, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease which the CDC indicated was the number one leading cause for death in 2017. 


New Hope Enlightenment of Palm Beach is founded on the mission of bettering the world by inspiring everyone to live their lives to their fullest potential by being the person God created them to be. By emphasizing personal development, health, and spiritual growth, we aspire to help everyone live their lives full of joy, love, and peace.


With your help we can continue to work towards this goal! We hope to spread awareness of the importance of mental health and the devastating impacts neglecting it can have. We also want to offer help and support to those who may be silently struggling and fighting just to make it through another day.



Dr.Kimberly Skokan

Dr.Kimberly Skokan is Founder and head Pastor of New Hope Enlightenment of Palm Beach. She has a Ph.D . is a Pastoral/Spiritual Counselor,  a Certified Christian Counselor and has her degree as Dr. of Naturopathy and is licensed as a Holistic Healer in Florida (as Florida does not recognize Naturopathy). Her studies include theology, pastoral and spiritual studies, relationships, spiritual growth, self-development, ministry, counseling, and more.


Dr.Kimberly’s style is kind, compassionate, loving, and Holy Spirit-directed. Her passion and desire to help others has been a driving force in her life and in her life’s purpose. 

Dr. Kim teaches others how to live their life to the fullest, while incorporating God and  motivational spiritual life coaching, with a holistic/biblical approach. Dr.Kim has impacted so many lives  by helping pinpoint the obstacles and negative emotional baggage in their life, that is holding them back from the success and happiness they desire and deserve in order to live the life God has created for them.

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