We have created the Prayer & Relax Bath Fizzies (Bath Bomb). Our Prayer & Relax Bath Fizzies are individually made to order. We hope that you will take time for yourself that is much needed and deserved.


Our intention for making the Prayer & Bath Fizzies was to help create a relaxing and peaceful environment to promote a state of mind that would help you make more powerful prayers and help strengthen your connection with God.


Far too often we forget how powerful prayer can be and how God is always there to guide us; all we have to do is open our hearts and invite Him in.


Prayer & Relax Bath Fizzies (Bath-Bomb) - Are handmade to help Rejuvenate & Soothe your skin. We use Organic and Premium All-Natural ingredients. We incorporate 5 different Essential Oils, Nourishing Organic Coconut Oils, Minerals, Bach flowers, Pain & Stress Relief Enzymes, Skin Rejuvenating Oils and much more.


Our Prayer & Relax Bath Fizzies are Fragrance free, Vegan, Organic, Gluten Free & Chemical Free. These Prayer & Relax Bath Fizzies are proven to promote more powerful prayers and a peaceful state of mind.


One 3.2 oz Prayer Bath Fizzy


Pray & Relax Fizzy (Bath Bomb)

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