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Christ Works

Bible Study Group

Welcome, family! We are so excited to have you here!

We have created this group to be a place for bible study, prayer, and celebration of Jesus! Our mission is to grow and learn together as children of God through study of the bible and its deep and immense messages.


We also want to create a space where anyone who needs support and love can share their story and receive prayer for miracles in their life! And of course, we also want this space to be a place of celebration! Jesus walks with us everyday and puts so many blessings on our path! Let’s celebrate all of the amazing things that we see and experience because we know Christ Works!

As we aim to make this group a supportive environment full of love, we want to ensure our members feel safe and comfortable. We please ask that any and all content posted or done in response to a post, to please stay respectful. We are here to spread love, support, and understanding as we grow together!

This video has been deleted.
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